8 Tips to Balance College & a Full Time Job

1. Time Management
We’ve all heard it before and it may be a bit cliché, but managing your time is and will continue to be the most beneficial thing. I am IN LOVE with planners and notebooks for the simple fact of being organized and keeping all my to-do tasks in one place. It really is a life saver to write everything out and not try to keep it all inside your brain.

2. Support System
Your support system can range from family and friends to a manager, peers, or even a mentor. Make sure they are on board with you going to college and that they support your decision. It’s hard to have doubters, but the right support system can help you get through anything.

3. Make Your Manager Aware
Keeping your manager in the loop of your new schedule and new duties will allow yourself to feel less stressed. When your boss or manager knows why you’re on edge or maybe a little late, they are more likely to cut you some slack. It of course isn’t ok to always be late, but if a class lets out 5-10 minutes pass the actual time you won’t feel as rushed knowing that they will know why.

4. Double Up On Work
If it’s ever at all possible bringing school work to work take full advantage. Whether that just means studying for a big exam during your break or jotting down some math problems that need to be finished will help balance out your schedule. This tip can tie in with time management, but it deserved its own category because that is how important it is!

5. Take Time For Yourself
Balancing a full work schedule and a full class schedule will definitely take its toll on your personal life. Learning to schedule in days to treat yourself at times throughout the week will help your overall well being. Hanging out with the people you care about most will continuously remind you that what you’re doing is the right thing.

6. Take Night Classes
Night classes are a great option if you have that 9-5 job. Even if you are scheduled different hours each week night classes can also be a great go to so you have all day to get things accomplished. It’s nice to be able to get homework done before midnight.

7. Work In A Field Related To Your Major
If you need that full time job to help you get through college, then maybe finding a job in the same field can help you along the way. I know many people who took janitor positions at a hospital for the simple fact that they one day wanted to be a medical assistant. It wasn’t ideal, but it helped them network and learn the ins and outs of everyday hospital routine.

8. Be Focused
Don’t ever forget the reason you are attending college. Focus on your future goals and aspirations and that will ultimately help you make it through to the end. It’s easy to get discouraged along the way when so many things are stressing you out, but once you remember the main reason or reasons as to why you started, it will bring you full circle.

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