Here at ATA College, we are so proud of our alumni! It is always fun to catch up with them after they have gone out into the workforce to get some of their thoughts!

We asked 4 students questions about their ATA experience. Here’s what they said:

What was your favorite thing about your ATA Experience?

ATA provided me with extensive knowledge in my career field, I felt so ready for the workforce when I left! – Rhen

I really enjoyed learning about and networking in the healthcare field.  – Shiana

My favorite thing about ATA would be that the staff has been really helpful and very nice. Not only am I studying for what I want to do in my future, but I’ve made good friends along the way. –Cassie

The hands on experience really prepared me for my chosen career. – Karen

Which Teacher or staff member will you remember the most?

 Tamesha Gordon left a lasting impact on me! –Rhen

Mrs. Susan. She is great! She is best teacher ever. – Shiana

I would remember Kyle the most because his class was always fun and entertaining. I learned a lot in his class. – Cassie

I can’t pick just one person. Rusty, Kyle, and Tracy, they were all fantastic! – Karen

If you could go back and talk to your “pre-ATA self” what would you want to know?

That the dental field was where I would end up! – Rhen

I would want to try and take as many of the healthcare courses as possible, so that I made the career decision that was best for me.  – Shiana

The school is great! You would love it. You can do what you want for your future in a short period of time. It’s definitely a great decision! – Cassie

Don’t worry “you’ve got this” – Karen

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